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Hello, my name is... Precious Quire-McCloud


...and I am going to change the world!

 Wow...that was pretty bold, hunh? ...you betcha! What bold statement(s) have you made lately?  Our world has already been changed by everyday individuals who were inspired and determined to make a difference in their own way.  Changing the world doesn't mean you have to travel to every corner of the earth...every waking day, we are presented with numerous opportunities to uplift, inspire, share and give. I am very passionate about sowing positively into the lives of others and was raised with a belief that anything is possible...that people should be valued above things... and that kindness and a giving, unselfish heart pay off in unimaginable ways.  

I attribute a large part of who I am to the neverending positive messages I received as a child.  As an adult, I've found great value in one's ability to create the environment of their choosing by first creating that environment in their mind.  Check back often!!


I am the author of each passage below and it is my hope that they help you as you navigate your life journey.  As the author, I grant permission to use them provided you appropriately cite the work to 'Precious Quire-McCloud" and/or refer to this resource website.  

 I release EVERYTHING not designed to encourage, uplift, motivate, help or grow me.  I DESERVE to be happy and CONNECT with 'the good" that has my name assigned to it.  When circumstances say one thing, I will SCREAM, SING and PROCLAIM another thing....dancing the WHOLE way 'til my help comes! 

 Hope:  I'm thankful for it.  It means I can believe again; trust again.  It links me to the bright future I've been promised.  I don't know it all and "hope" tells me I don't have to.  It just gently nudges me forward.  There, I see much more than my circumstances allow. There, I am encouraged to keep going - no matter what.  My fear doesn't mean I'm weak; it means there is something on the inside of me that NEEDS to pull strength from the possibilities that await me through faith. I believe, I believe, I believe and then... there's hope. 

 I always have a choice. No one can make, push or force me to do anything I do not want to do. When I blame others for the outcome of MY actions, what am I really saying? An important key to purposeful living is accountability. My freedom to be me is too valuable to pawn. I own me...and I like it like that. 


My happiness, joy and gladness of heart are with me right now. I do not need to wait for it, chase after it or look too hard to find it.  Rather, I take the short journey within. There, I unlock treasures that can change my entire outlook and put a different frame around my experiences.  Joy is always here!  If I want it... I simply choose it. 


"People" aren't obligated to recognize my worth or value my contributions...it is; however, an ongoing requirement I should have of myself.


My mind is very powerful.  I am mighty.  I am destined for greatness and I have a right to be happy and fulfilled!  I fight the urge to blend in with the background and resist the temptation to be average!  I will NOT waste another second of the precious time I've been given.  I am FAR from average and no where close to being defeated!

How you see me has nothing to do with how I see myself.  Sight, as a function of itself is limited.  Vision, on the other hand allows me to see beyond what I have been through and grab hold to the promises that await me.  Through faith, I see my circumstances clearly.  And clearly...they are not insurmountable.  Clearly...I am victorious always.  No longer will I trust what I 'see' as my reality.  No longer will I trust what I see.

My capacity for love has nothing to do with how I’m treated or what I’ll get in return.  It’s defined by my commitment to regard myself above doubt, fear and loss.   That choice keeps me in the winner’s circle for when all else fails, I know I can love myself. 

What a JOY it is to live in the divine flow of life and love! I know, without ANY doubt, that ALL things are working together for my good, regardless of outer circumstances. I will not allow my limited thinking to limit what I know about the infinite possibilities that await me - - they are ENDLESS & no matter the distance, they're always right on the other side of my belief! This realization frees me...

I am grateful and experiencing immeasurable joy RIGHT NOW.  As each second ticks by, one ‘now’ is replaced by another ‘now’.  This means that JOYFUL is always my present condition and regardless of the situation, I appreciate my life for the gift that it is.


My time is valuable.  I will not waste it, be careless with it or allow others to abuse it.  If you see me someplace, it is because I meant to be there.  The words you hear me speak?  I meant to say them.  There is nothing careless about my existence.  This is purposeful living.


I know better; and because I know better, I do better.  By doing better, I raise my level of expectation regarding what I receive from others.  Today is my day to receive only the best…for that is what I give.  It all starts with me.


Immeasurable joy is real.  It is my birthright…at any time I can choose to experience it.


The whisper of encouragement I give to myself can drown out a stadium-sized crowd of folks telling me I can't, I won't and I will never be.  Thankfully, I know how to be my own cheerleader!  Everytime I shake my pom-poms and grab my megaphone, a hush falls over that crowd of naysayers and my voice alone is heard saying, "Go (insert your name) go!"