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Precious Quire-McCloud is a native of Liberia, West Africa and has resided in the States since early childhood; a childhood FILLED with encouragement and praise!  As a result of those precious gifts from her parents, Rev. Christian and Maggie Quire, she has ALWAYS felt equipped with the tools necessary for success and always believed in herself and in her ability to influence her destiny; as well as positively impact the lives of others.  She approaches life, circumstances and people with optimism and a fullness of joy that is as infectious as it is tireless.  For as long as she can remember, she has been an advocate for self-expression, deliberate action and purposeful living...UBU embodies her soul and is representative of her heart's outcry for those who are discouraged and emotionally void of the happiness that is innately theirs.

As an agent for social change, Precious believes that a positive attitude, confidence and a healthy self-concept are the perfect antidotes to overcoming adversity and self-doubt. To know God is to know peace; therefore, she carefully guards her spirit and vigilantly seeks harmony in all relationships. While seeking harmony, she has learned and found peace in understanding that everyone is not assigned to walk alongside her in her life journey...still she perseveres and is fiercely focused on making THE difference that she was created to.  Whether by word, action or example, she spreads her powerful message of self-love to all with whom she comes in contact; primarily targeting female youth and adult women.

Precious as a young girl in Liberia, W. Africa (1974)

Her undergraduate studies were completed at Appalachian State University, where she attended on a Track & Field scholarship.  She was named "Freshman of the Year", broke the university's triple jump record and qualified for Nationals.  She earned a B.S. Degree in Communications and was active in service organizations, residence life and two University choirs.  While at ASU, she was inducted into the Omicron Kappa chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.  A few years later, she pursued graduate studies  and earned an MBA from High Point University.

Precious and her husband have been together for 20 years, married for 15 years and have been blessed with 4 awesome children:  3 handsome & loving sons and 1 precious & beautiful daughter. 


She is saddened by the need of women to make comparisons as a means to boost  self-esteem and feels that the only thing gained is warped self-awareness - all the while robbing them of the opportunity to meet someone who may impact their life for the better. "Until you are able to look in the mirror and be totally in love with the person staring back at you, you are not prepared to experience and enjoy your life to its fullest.  It is destructive to compare the best that you can do with the best that someone else can do.  There is so much value in simply being who God created you to be.  Be yourself...UBU!." 

Music and dance have always been a part of Precious' fabric as in the Liberian culture, there is no separation of these forms of expression from daily life.  Her rich African heritage can be felt in just about everything she does.  There is a joyful beat that she dances, sways, walks and struts to that is undeniable.  She is affectionately called the "Triad's "Energizer Bunny".  If you've seen her on stage or attended one of her fitness classes...you understand why!


Theatrical Credits (1999 to Present):

  • A Streetcar Named Desire (Little Theater of WS)
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Little Theater of WS)
  • Electronic Negro (NC Black Repertory Company)
  • The Exonerated (Blue Moon Theater Company)
  • Big River (Little Theater of WS)
  • Black Nativity (NC Black Repertory Company)
  • Nuncrackers: A Nunsense Christmas Musical (WS Theater Alliance)
  • Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope (NC Black Repertory Company)
  • Godspell (Little Theater of WS)
  • Mahalia: Queen of Gospel (NC Black Repertory Company)
  • Sordid Lives (WS Theater Alliance)
  • Four Queens-No Trump (NC Black Repertory Company)


Precious loves the Arts and has performed on stage locally for 14 years. 

She has performed with the Blue Moon Theater Company, The Little Theater of WS, the NC Black Repertory Company and Theater Alliance of WS. 

She is a 12-year veteran with the NC Black Repertory Company and considers herself blessed and fortunate to have performed in five National Black Theater Festivals (1999, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011), four of them in leading roles. 

Her passion for the stage is undeniable and she thanks God for such an amazing gift.  Her "front row" is made up of her amazingly supportive husband, four fabulous and talented children and the two people who were her only audience for years, her faithful and loving parents. 

  While she is proud of her achievements in education, business and the performing arts, she feels her greatest sole accomplishment is her obedience to what God has charged her hands to do.  "If a difference is made in only one person's life, UBU will not have been in vain...Here I am, Lord - send me."