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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whatever you do, DO NOT ACCEPT MEDIOCRITY in your life!! Just don't do it! You are far too talented and gifted to be anything other than YOUR BEST SELF! Your best self doesn't mean you're at your best 100% of the time, but it does mean you are on a path that allows you to make the adjustments you feel you need to along the way. And speaking of 'along the way"...Don't Quit! Your prize could be behind the next door, after the next "no" or on the other side of someone else saying "you can't". Don't believe the negative things ANYONE has to say to or about you. Speak positive things to yourself. Speak positive things about yourself. You ARE a victor in every way and you CAN change situations for the better.

Remember, it's not the situation that decides who you are, it's what you choose to say to that situation that makes it so.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My value is not determined by ANY comparison of how I'm measured against someone else. Today is the day I embrace my life and smile about the blessings all around me. Why? Because they are there and in great supply - I can't miss 'em! Taking my focus off of 'others' immediately refreshes the lens through which my blessings are viewed.  And in this place...I am free

Now that I'm free, I awake each day with a certainty that the goodness I possess is enough.  That my smile (regardless of the placement of my teeth, the freckles on my face or the wrinkles that form around my eyes) is a beautiful vision to behold.  My smile is a natural response to the peace in my heart and the joy that swells from my soul; bubbling until my lips curl.  Beautiful me.  Happy me. And in this moment...I am satisfied

Now that I'm satisfied, I realize that the view from my life's window is amazing. It's fresh and can only be obstructed by my own self-loathing, lack of harmony with others and fruitless attempts to be someone I'm not. 

Who am I, you ask?  I am me.  And for now, let's start there.

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