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A constant in the lives of people who experience a sense of day-to-day aliveness is the discovery of their purpose!!

Precious Quire-McCloud (SMW Photography, Burlington NC)

The efforts and varied experiences that have defined the search (and subsequent discovery) of my purpose have evolved into UBU (pronounced you-be-you).  UBU is not a person, place or thing.  It is a state of mind and is a powerful force of empowerment and awareness. 


This kind of existence requires a personal commitment to stop looking at "what's wrong with everyone else" and realize that sometimes, we are the ones who tracked the mud into the relationship; we are the ones who said the wrong thing or behaved poorly.  It's a tough pill, but it's true.  Think about it.  How many of us are still being influenced by something someone said or did to us a child? ...in high school? ...before a breakup? ...after we got married? ...just last week?  Some of the things we carry in our subconcious influence our current actions and belief systems more than we realize.  They reside so deep that we aren't always prepared with a constructive method to handle them when triggered. They are the main drivers of unresolved misunderstandings.



I have committed the past 13 years of my life to the ideals of UBU and haven't a single doubt that its practical messages of hope, perseverance and positive change are a gift to those who are ready to break through, overcome and triumph...once and for all! 


This is a resource website and is not designed to be read/absorbed all at once.  Depending on where you are in your life's journey, there are nuggets that will impact you one way today and a different way tomorrow.  Feel free to use and share it as a tool for ongoing encouragement and uplift.  The road of self-discovery is not easy, but it can be amazing and life-changing - I am a confident witness to that fact and am committed to helping as many people as I can find the freedom to live authentically, in harmony with others and most importantly...themselves.    

Are you ready?  If so, I invite you to join me on this rewarding journey.  Sometimes raw...other times bold.  You can't timidly change your life...you have to be BOLD, be COURAGEOUS and be CONFIDENT in what God's Word says about you, your life and your POWERLESS circumstances. You are SO loved and SO blessed.  You are SO triumphant and SO victorious!  You are SO divinely favored.  UBU says, "It's time to act like it!". 



What is UBU?

UBU is a state of mind; a purpose, if you will...

It means when I let YOU BE YOU, I can earnestly respect your place in this world.

I can rejoice in your success without feeling inadequate
and I can bear your misfortune without looking down upon you.

It means when I love me completely, I am capable of loving you unconditionally.

UBU is a reminder that I am extraordinary...just as I am; therefore, no matter how you're perceived, my perception of me will not change!

Essentially, when I let U B U,

I am free to be me

I am free to be

I am free...

written by Precious Quire-McCloud 

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